Bowl (15-23954)
Vase (16-24175)
Vase, green with lapis spiral (16-24178)
Vase, purple with blue spiral (16-24179)
Vase (14-23488)
Red Whorl (17-24397)
Bowl Scallop Green Canes (17-24399)
(SOLD) Whorl Celedon (17-24398)
SOLD Bowl Scallop Canes (17-24400)
Bowl Peach Canes and Murrini (17-24401)
(SOLD) Bowl Circus Orange and Yellow (17-24402)
SOLD Vase Amphora Green Agate Footed (17-24405)
SOLD Vase Bottle Blue (17-24407)
(SOLD) Vase Slender Lady Turquoise (17-24408)
Bowl Ball Blues Greens (17-24409)
Wine Red Open Bowl (14-23477)
Red Standard Scallop Bowl (16-24200)
Neuron Glass Platter (14-23557)
Green Open Bowl (14-23478)
Rubies Whorl Vase (14-23547)
Ali's Purple Vase (15-23960)
Twisted Canes Blue Hunny Pot Vase (13-23250)
Doug's Favorite Platter (14-23475)
Yellow and Tangerine Vase (14-23489)
Cylinder Lavender Vase (14-23486) SOLD
Red Celedon Handkerchief Bowl (14-23550)
Bowl Scallop Claire's Mix (16-24314)
Bowl Scallop Malachite Draped (16-24315)
Bowl Scallop Peach (16-24312)
Vase Amethyst (16-24321)
Flared Dark Green Over Light Green Vase (16-24318)
(SOLD) Wave Bowl, Lapis Dunkelblau (17-24630)
(SOLD) Amphora Vase, Cane with blue, green and turquoise (17-24631)
Footed Amphora Vase, feathered red and purple (17-24632)
Amphora Vase, jade green with blue lip (17-24633)
Footed Amphora Vase, green agate (17-24634)
Olla, Autumn in Vermont (17-24635)
Tinaja, New Blue Earth (17-24636)
Vase, White and Gray with blue lip (17-24637)
Scallop Bowl, Jade green (17-24638)
Whimsy Vase, blue shards over turquoise (17-24639)
Glass Pumpkin, Bristol Green (17-24642)
Glass Pumpkin, Jewel Tones (17-24644)
Glass Pumpkin, Fuschia (17-24645)
(SOLD) Glass Pumpkin, Amber (17-24647)
Glass Pumpkin, Peach (17-24648)
Rouge Whorl (17-24745)
Cobalt Lapis Whorl (17-24746)
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