John Baughman




John Baughman Born in 1947, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, John Baughman attended the University of Michigan, the University of California, and the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Baughman has developed a unique approach to painting, revealing generous dimensions and thoughtful textures. John’s early works were directly affected through relationships with various artists in the graphic and fine arts community. His deep layering of paints, oils, crayons and gold leafing create forms and planes expressive of the finest in the contemporary design. Mr. Baughman’s methodology is analytical. His “window” approach to landscapes is a strategy for isolating the geometry of natural or man-made environments. “It’s almost like in computer jargon where you cross reference an image with a grid and blow that up. The people who react the strongest to my work are architects and engineered oriented people.” John Baughman’s art is simply and immediately beautiful. He compares the creative process to “standing with my legs immersed in water, “an apt metaphor since his pieces reflect an almost oceanic tranquillity. Weightless structures that evoke pure form over a velvety, deep surface of pure light. Collections: Pillsbury Corp, Minneapolis, MN. I.B.M Corp, New York, NY. Hyatt Corp, Chicago, IL. Steelcase Incorporated, Grand Rapids, MI. Stow Davis Corp, Grand Rapids, MI. New Jersey Bell, Secaucas, NJ. American United Life, Indianapolis, IND. Proctor and Gamble, Cincinnati, OH. Northwestern University Hospital, Chicago, IL. Haworth INC., Holland, MI. Foremost Corp., Grand Rapids, MI. W.B.D.C. INC., Grand Rapids, MI. Hobbs and Black Assoc INC., Ann Arbor, MI.

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