Pam Brant






Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1956, Pam moved to "the country" in sixth grade.  It was there she developed a love for the beauty of rural landscapes:  country roads, peaceful hayfields, changing seasonal colors, and the shadows of crops in the fields.  The Ozark area has always been another inspiration with its sparkling streams and colorful foliage.  Pam’s recent trips to the Flint Hills have inspired a feeling for the light glowing on faraway hills and beautiful skies.


She always loved to draw but expanded her interest in high school and college classes at CMSU.  In 1986, in a watercolor class given by Dennis Yates, she developed her technique for using color and free-flowing use of paint.  Pam is known mostly now for her landscapes of the Flint Hills, the Ozarks, and rural scenes.  


Pam lives with her husband, Donnie, near Warrensburg, Missouri.  Her paintings are on exhibit in galleries throughout the Midwest.



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