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You asked: What’s a Giclée?

You may have heard the world tossed around and nodded along to avoid revealing that you have no idea (absolutely none) what “giclée” means. Or maybe you have a vague idea that giclée refers to art reproductions, but you aren’t sure what distinguishes them from the rest of the pack. Perhaps you know what they are, but you have no idea how to pronounce the word.

Let’s talk. A giclée (zhee-clay) is a fine art reproduction that is created using a high-tech inkjet printer. Images are reproduced from high resolution digital scans of original artwork. Quality giclée printing uses professional printers and archival inks and substrates.

Giclée printing offers customization options that aren’t possible with non-commissioned original artwork. Giclées will often be printed on demand, which allows for custom-sizing of the image as well as custom selection of the substrate (canvas or paper) on which it’s printed.

Fine art giclées are an excellent option for buyers who crave beautiful art at an affordable price. But beware; all giclées are not created equal. The quality of the print is greatly determined by the skill and craftsmanship of the printer and the quality of their equipment and materials. A skilled printer using state-of-the-art equipment can reproduce fine detail and achieve a color accuracy that best captures the look and essence of the original artwork. Use of the term “giclée” in unregulated, so it’s a good idea to purchase from a reputable art dealer to ensure that you receive a quality piece.

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Artsy LLC is a sister company of Prairiebrooke Arts, an award-winning fine art gallery. Artsy’s collection of giclée prints from a handpicked selection of talented artists offers unique marriage of quality giclées and custom framing with online accessibility at an affordable price point.

Written by Nicoletta Niosi-Ortiz

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Image credits: Cushing Co., Art Scene Seattle