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Styling Your Space for Memorial Day

Are you prepared for your Memorial Day get-together? When you’re prepping your buffet table or bar for holiday happenings, don’t forget to factor in the art surrounding your event. With some careful consideration, the work on your walls can complement your party, delight your guests and add a final sophisticated touch to your décor to be enjoyed year-round. 

Memorial Day is second only to the Fourth of July for all things Americana. Bandana prints, stars and stripes and classic red white and blue can be complemented by a piece of art that features a modern take on a traditional subject. The empty wall space behind your buffet could be filled with one of Richard Harrington’s contemporary barn paintings, Rita Orr’s scenes of small town life, or the subtle beauty of a Ken West landscape photo.

Your holiday wine or cocktail bar could be enhanced with one of Thomas Arvid’s evocative wine paintings, which echo the offerings on display below and add a sophisticated but approachable sense of whimsy to a bar space. Or this Wilfred abstract, reminiscent of fireworks, is an ideal color palette for a patriotic party. 

However you choose to decorate for Memorial Day, don’t forget to consider how the art on your walls can complete your space and make a room fit for entertaining!

Written by Nicoletta Niosi-Ortiz

Photo Credits: Pinterest, FitConfection, HoosierHomemade, TemplateOf