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Original Art Makes a Memorable Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day is almost here! This year, the gift you give can be as unique and original as the woman you’re honoring.

Perfume and fresh flowers are lovely, but why not give her a floral image that will never wilt or lose its bloom? A lovely floral work of art will help her recall the pleasures of spring throughout the year, and offer an enduring reminder of just how special she is to you. 

If you’re looking for a gift with an even deeper meaning, consider Jeremy Bortz’s Flowers for Hope series.  The artist began painting these floral tiles after witnessing his sister-in-law’s battle with breast cancer. The tiles are featured in hospitals and private collections throughout the world, and are meant to bring cheer and to honor loved ones who have struggled with illness. These small, affordable pieces make a beautiful and joyful gift.  They can be enjoyed individually, or collected and displayed together to create a colorful “garden”. 

When all else fails, just give her your heart. A selection from Julie Hansen’s series of small heart paintings would make beautiful gift for the woman who has shown you unconditional love. 

Visit Prairiebrooke Arts to find even more outside-the-box Mother’s Day gift ideas!  

Written by Nicoletta Niosi-Ortiz