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Your Walls Can Talk: Enhance Your Office Space and Brand Story with Fine Art

The selection and presentation of artwork in an office environment offers the opportunity to reflect a business’s values and vision. There are several reasons to consider installing quality fine art in your corporate or business space, and several considerations when deciding which pieces to include in your collection.

First, make sure you have a budget in mind. Original works of art can vary in price based on medium, artist reputation, size and framing. Choosing giclee prints for all or some of your pieces will also have an impact on cost. An experienced corporate art consultant can help you curate a cohesive collection based on your business needs and budget.

Next, consider the styles or subjects that may best reflect your business’ culture and vision. For example, healthcare businesses may opt for nature imagery to calm and soothe patients, while creative businesses may consider bolder abstracts. Installing artwork is an excellent way to perk up your office space, and it sends an instant visual message to employees, clients and visitors.

You should also consider space constraints and daily foot traffic in different parts of your office. High traffic areas may be better suited to pieces framed and protected behind glass, while a hard to fit niche may be a perfect place for a sculpture. 

Your corporate art collection can change and grow over time. You may choose to slowly build your collection based on business and space needs. An ever-evolving collection will ensure your office environment stays visually fresh and interesting. Plus, investing in a corporate art collection is a fun way to support the arts and independent working artists.

When you choose artwork for your corporate space, be sure to invest in expert framing to integrate the piece with the surrounding office décor, and to protect your investment.

An experienced corporate art consultant can make the process of choosing art for a business space effortless and efficient. A consultant can help you choose the best pieces to reflect your corporate culture and brand, complement your space, keep your costs within budget and ensure your installation goes smoothly.   

Prairiebrooke Arts, the corporate division of Prairiebrooke Gallery, was founded in 1990 by owner Brooke Morehead as the premiere source in Kansas City for corporate art services.  Prairiebrooke believes that art has a unique capacity to enhance and brand an interior space.

The highly trained and experienced art staff at Prairiebrooke Arts works with companies large and small to select artwork that creates an inviting office environment.

Prairiebrooke Arts corporate art consulting services differ from those of our retail gallery location. To inquire about Prairiebrooke Arts corporate art services, or to schedule a time to meet with one of our art consultants please call 913.341.0333.