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Life Is a Flower, Love Is the Honey

With February finally here, Spring is around the corner! Valentine’s Day is coming to sweetly mark a new season. At Prairiebrooke, our art consultants are gearing up for the season of love by carefully selecting and featuring original works of art that speak to the beauty, passion, and emotion that this season brings. Here are some of the works of art on display at our gallery, patiently waiting to meet their new companion.

Julia Klimova,  Night Garden , 30x30”, oil on canvas

Julia Klimova, Night Garden, 30x30”, oil on canvas

An artist who works and lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Julia Klimova paints richly vibrant works on canvas. We currently have three works by Klimova that feature floral bouquets, each done in a contemporary impressionist style. Night Garden captures a dreamlike vision of bright roses in a dark outdoor garden in the summer. Broad and loose strokes of paint capture the foliage of the garden while tighter, finer strokes mark the delicate curves of each rose petal.

Klimova’s In Blue China (right) harkens back to the works of early impressionists in France, notably bringing to mind the work of Claude Monet. Like Monet’s Vase of Peonies (left), Klimova’s In Blue China presents a colorful composition of roses and peonies but with a looser and more abstracted representation of petals and leaves.

Prairirebrooke has two other works by Klimova, Premonition of Winter and Long Summer:

Julia Klimova,  Premonition of Winter , 36x48”, oil on canvas

Julia Klimova, Premonition of Winter, 36x48”, oil on canvas

Julia Klimova,  Long Summer , 24x36”, oil on canvas

Julia Klimova, Long Summer, 24x36”, oil on canvas

Prairiebrooke’s long history of being a leading fine art resource for the Kansas City area has led to cultivated relationships with studio artists around the country. We source only the highest quality original paintings and drawings because of we believe that great art speaks to our innermost selves and has the potential to transform our lives and fill them with breathtaking beauty. When a work of art can is a reflection of the refined or exquisite individual you are, owning and displaying a work of art conveys those details without using words.

The following works are available for viewing and purchase at our downtown Overland Park gallery before Valentine’s Day. Inquire more by visiting in person or contact us through email,

Studio artist, 48x48”, oil on canvas.

Studio artist, 24x20", oil on canvas

Maya Eventov, Red Poppies, 16x16, acrylic on canvas

Liz Jardine, Deja Blue, 30x39, acrylic on canvas

Bob Ichter, Dragonflies, 20x20", pastel

Studio artist, both 25x13", oil on canvas

Julie Hansen, Fresh Cut II, 18x24", acrylic on canvas

In the $200-300.00 price range, we are featuring original oil on canvas floral still-lives (8x10”) complete with frames and ready to take home the same day you come in. 

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us on the Prairiebrooke Team!

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