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Corporate Spotlight: The Kessler

You’re probably familiar with our residential art services, but did you know that Prairiebrooke has a corporate sister company? Prairiebrooke Consulting is a comprehensive art resource servicing the healthcare, hospitality, and multifamily industries. Our corporate consulting team has curated collections for dozens of corporate spaces throughout the region and country. One of our most recent projects, The Kessler Residences in Prairie Village, features some of the top trends in corporate art design. Check out our work for yourself. We apologize in advance for any art envy you may have as a result!

Fine Art Giclées

If it sounds like we’re talking a different language, it’s because we are! Giclée in French means “splash.” This type of fine art print gained its name from the technique used to create it. In giclée production, a high-end printer splashes millions of tiny ink droplets onto canvas, paper, or board. Fine art giclées are an excellent option for corporate art projects because they offer the quality of an original piece of art at a fraction of the cost. Our line of designer-curated giclées are limited edition and can be customized to meet your size and shape specifications. This abstract floral giclée makes a statement in The Kessler’s conference room, and it fits perfectly within their custom wall paneling.


Gallery Wall


With lots of space to fill, a gallery wall helps to create visual interest within your collection. Sure, you could opt for one large piece, but a gallery wall allows you to diversify your visual plane and incorporate a number of different mediums. In The Kessler’s gallery wall, we designed an eclectic layout featuring both works on paper, behind glass as well as those on canvas. The result is a diverse focal point that ties in the colors, textures, and patterns from throughout the rest of this gathering space.


Float Frames


Emulate the look of a high-end gallery in your corporate space with a simple float frame. Float frames provide a clean visual finish to your collection while still allowing a slight gap along the edge of the canvas. The use of a float frame instantly elevates the look of a canvas and completes the overall look of your art.




Sometimes a wall or area just begs for a statement piece—or pieces. This triptych perfectly fills the wide, shallow area above the counter. Triptychs, or serial pieces in general, are excellent to have in your collection because they help to break up the monotony of large, singular works.




In corporate spaces, like The Kessler, we often work with a vast amount of wall space. To keep a corporate art collection interesting, we combine pieces behind glass and those on canvas, large pieces with smaller series, and various styles and subject matters. We work with you and your team to curate a collection that accurately reflects your brand identity.


If your space feels more bland than grand, give us a call! Our corporate art team will work with you to cultivate a collection that seamlessly represents your brand and business. For more than 20 years, we’ve been Kansas City’s art and framing resource. Schedule a consultation and find out why for yourself!