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Corporate Spotlight: The Marriott

Art is just as important in a corporate setting as it is in a home. In our most recent project, we were able to marry the precise strategy of a corporate client with the lived-in comfort of a residential setting. Take a peek inside the Presidential Suites at Kansas City’s Downtown Marriott with our latest Corporate Spotlight.

The Vision

With a recent remodel to their Presidential Suites, Kansas City’s Downtown Marriott had a vision of modern grandeur. Soft neutrals, chic grays, and a cozy but elegant aesthetic provided the perfect stage on which art could shine. Prairiebrooke’s Corporate Design Team worked alongside the crew at Marriott to translate their inspiration into a focal point for the multi-room suite.

Curating a Collection

Corporate art requires special finesse because it not only has to work within a space, but also has to stay consistent with the branding of the company or organization. Our art consultants work to curate a collection that is timeless, stunning, and tasteful. We love collaborating with our corporate clients to develop an art plan that reflects their personality and mission.

Incorporating Music

Marriott is starting a nationwide effort to include the universality of music in their design. We selected fine art giclées that not only fit within that theme but also continued with the edgy, sophisticated mantra of the rest of the space. The result is a bold collection of art that clients can enjoy throughout their stay.

You wouldn’t have your clients sit on folding chairs, why have them look at blank walls? Elevate your company’s appearance with curated art from Prairiebrooke. Our corporate team is dedicated to designing an art plan that works within your space, budget, and vision. From image selection to framing to the final installation, we have you covered! Schedule a consultation today and start the new year off with gorgeous new art in your business place.

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