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Preserving Your Collection

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Preserving Your Collection

Frames can be used in a variety of creative ways to conserve and preserve your most valued heirlooms,artifacts, letters, and even 3-D works. 

Do you have a meaningful artifact that was passed on from earlier generations in your family? Have you been given a beautiful item that you want to preserve from humidity and UV rays? 

A great way to preserve and display these items is through a creative use of a deep frame, also known as a shadow box. Choosing a custom frame allows you to personalize your memory and have it match its contents. If you're preserving a hundred year letter, choose a frame that matches the decor of its time period. Likewise, if you're preserving your wedding gown, choose a frame that picks up on the intricacy and quality of the dress. 



Care and Maintenance

If you need help with the design of your project, bring it to one of our consultants to help you aesthetically craft your shadow bow. Once you've chosen or agreed on an arrangement, your artifacts are ready to be framed! 

Choose a high quality frame to assure you won't have to re-frame your project in 10 years. One of the benefits of custom framing projects is that your frame is individually worked on with the highest precision and care for the materials. Our master framer works with your project in mind, making sure every angle and corner of your box is perfect. 

Other specifications to keep in mind include conservation glass. We carry conservation glass as well as museum quality glass that reduce glare. Even if you choose to display your items in a room with a lot of natural light, our standard glass offers high UV protection. This means the quality of the colors in your shadow box won't fade as drastically with time. Rest assured knowing your special object won't collect layers of dust ever again. Now leave the rest to us! Prairiebrooke has been in the business for over 25 years. We've handled framing projects with skill and passion since we opened our doors. 

Check out these ideas for some inspiration on your next project.