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Featured Artist: Dakota Finn

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Finn’s work began as a little boy, painting alongside his grandmother. His father recounts his amazement at Finn’s artistic ability, even as a small child. Art came naturally to Dakota, and it is a gift that has compelled him to create in the very best way he can. Finn’s work is classic in technique but executed with a fresh and contemporary flair. “Being an artist is doing what comes naturally. My subjects choose me, their patterns and shapes, their sense of rhythm and movement, inspire my creative energy,” he says of his process. Finn graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture and now resides in Denver with his Yorkiepoo, Penny.

Style & Subject Matter

Finn’s work is inspired by the subjects around him. He has an ingenious way of making mundane objects seem fun, exciting, and vogue. The use of vibrant colors adds a playful touch to each piece, and his active lines create a sense of movement and energy. He allows whatever is gets his attention at that moment to be his guide to an abundant wonderfully fulfilled and happy journey. His passion for art has cultivated a loyal following both locally and nationally.

Similar Artists

Finn’s pieces are complemented by and offer similar elements to other Prairiebrooke artists. If you are attracted to the bright colors and playful movement of his work, consider one of Tara Kesner’s abstracts. Maya Eventov creates gorgeous florals in a slightly more textured style than Finn’s. If you enjoy his quirky subject matter, Sarah Atkinson creates stunning flora and fauna in her encaustic work. Regardless of your taste, we have an artist, piece, and frame to suit your style and personality.


Finn’s work, along with our dozens of other artists, is on display at our Downtown Overland Park gallery. Our design consultants are eager to work with you to find a piece that truly becomes the heartbeat of your home. Schedule your consultation today!

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