Prairiebrooke Arts, the corporate division of Prairiebrooke Gallery, was founded in 1990 by  owner Brooke Morehead as the premiere source in Kansas City for corporate art services.  Prairiebrooke believes that art has a unique capacity to  enhance and brand an interior space. Although typically a small investment relative to project costs, the selection and presentation of artwork creates the strong opportunity to reflect corporate values and vision. It sends an instant visual messages to employees and clients alike.

The highly trained and experienced art staff at Prairiebrooke Arts works with companies large and small to select artwork that creates an inviting office environment.

Prairiebrooke Arts corporate art consulting services differ from those of our retail gallery location. To inquire about Prairiebrooke Arts corporate art services, or to schedule a time to meet with one of our art consultants please call 913.341.0333.