Our clients at Prairiebrooke Galleries range from the first time buyer to the long time collector. Since 1990 we have developed wonderful relationships with the wonderful people who visit our galleries. Every day it is a delight to see how art can impact our customers lives. These are just a few of our favorite Prairiebrooke customer stories…

I had an awesome experience at Prairiebrooke. Its an incredible gallery with great selection and service. I purchased several pieces for our new mixed-use development in downtown OP. The staff could not have been more helpful and gracious. Will definitely go back anytime I feel like refreshing our art.
— Hal S.
One of our favorite first time collector stories is about a 10 year old named Jackson who saved up his money for 1 year just to buy a original pastel dragonfly by artist Bob Ichter. Jackson would routinely come into the gallery with his mom and visit Ichter’s work – he would sit on the floor and stare at the pieces at great length. With much determination, his mother said that Jackson would tell everyone who asked how he was saving his money to buy a piece of art. Instead of gifts for his birthday and major holidays, he would request money to buy an Ichter dragonfly. When Mike, at Prairiebrooke, met Jackson and learned about his devotion to art, he made arrangements for the boy and Bob Ichter to meet-first though email, and then in person at an Ichter show. Although Jackson had not saved quite enough money to buy the piece arrangements were made to give the piece to Jackson and he could pay to have it framed.
I have only shopped, and made purchases in the Prairiebrooke Gallery located on Santa Fe Drive. I have always found the staff helpful and friendly. I have bought 4 different paintings there, and had these pieces framed there, as well. I love the variety of artwork they have. And I like the fact that their inventory is ever-changing. I am proud of the pieces I have purchased there. Beautiful!
Great selection of unique and beautiful original and limited edition pieces. We engaged Jill to assist with finding art for numerous blank walls in our new home. We’re thrilled with our selections. Jill was most helpful and patient through the process - we’d highly recommend her services.
— Stan W.
A corporate client from many years ago was starting up her own company and did not yet have a budget for artwork for her offices. After taking on a big client, she decided to put back a percentage of that client income specifically to buy one piece of art. She made a habit of visiting Prairiebrooke many times after that to continue her tradition. Once the office was finished, she moved on to buying art in their home… a collector was born.
I thought the entrance to the gallery was very welcoming. It had a good amount of natural light and the it was kind of working the whole modern warehouse look - which has its appeal. I found Prairiebrooke to be well designed to house art in its open, airy natural setting with an interesting metallic-y silver and bronze floor and recessed lighting. I think the venue actually made some of the art look more appealing to me.

The guy working the room asked me if I needed anything, which I did not. I told him I was just in there to look. He told me to grab some complimentary cookies before heading back to work on framing. PG not only sells the work of artists, but they also specialize in custom framing and design display. I peeked into their workshop where they do the framing and they do some serious work back there; I think I even saw a flicker from a blowtorch. My thinking is, if a gallery spends that much of its space working to make your purchased painting framed so well, it’s a two in one masterpiece. You don’t have to buy a painting at location A and then drag it to location B for framing - it’s just handy.
— Colleen O.
Prariebrooke Galleries has some of the most friendly and knowledgeable staff. Brooke Moorehead was the woman who helped me learn an amazing amount about the Art Business. I personally love art but I don’t know what is truly “good” art.. Brooke and her staff help me put together my ideas and the end result was 150% more than I ever hoped for...

Prariebrooke Arts has the experience and the knowledge to truly help you solve any art needs or questions.. They are truly a Gallery for the Client. I will continue to recommend this Gallery to all of my Colleagues.
— Tyler W.
A long-time client of ours has a large family. The couple made a point of including original art in their home, hoping that it would enrich their children’s appreciation of art. This summer, one of the couples daughters was married. She and her fiance wanted to buy a piece of art for her parents as a thank you gift for the wedding and all that they had done. Megan worked with the couple to find just the right piece, and when the couple presented the art to her parents the tears were flowing…. The couple then bought their first piece of art to continue her family’s tradition in their own home.
This review is for their framing servicies-these folks have been great. We have spent more money than I care to remember here, but their work, to include some restoration, has been spot on!
— Brian M.
I appreciate the variety of artwork at the gallery and they always have some unique pieces, too. The staff is helpful and knowledgable. Also, the gallery can be rented for receptions and events. I have hosted several parties there and the atmosphere adds to the event. They have a kitchen for catering, too.
— Becky W.
I have known and worked with Prairiebrooke Arts for many years as a customer, artist, and as a consultant for other art lovers. What a wonderful family and devoted employees at the Galleries.When I go there I know I will be treated well and will get the attention that I need. If I need questions answered they will help. If I have framing questions they will pull samples tirelessly. If looking for a specific piece of artwork for a customer, they will look far and wide, and it will happen. Thank you,Brooke, Mike, and Megan for making my experience at Prairiebrooke a JOY!
— Fran K.